You Can Now Enjoy Black-Culture-Themed Parisian Tours Online!

The organization, Wells International Foundation, works to empower Black people within arts, education, and literature. And it has collaborated with Entree to Black Paris to allow people to learn about Black history through a virtual tour by just sitting at home!

The founder of Wells International Foundation is Monique Y. Wells.

This tour is a great opportunity for people who had to cancel their trips due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Black-culture-themed Parisian tours online are back for you to enjoy. 

It was initially released around the time of Black History Month and was used as a way to educate people about the community's vast history. Moreover, Monique has been passionate about French culture and France ever since she was young. She also minored in French at the University of Pennsylvania and admires France's history a lot.

These tours are even more brilliant because African Americans and African immigrants also have historical ties to Paris. Black Americans have been taking numerous opportunities to travel abroad and see the rest of the world and learning about it through this tour is a great occasion.

Wells describes the city as a city of little villages and that each has a separate, unique vibe. She said that it is much more enjoyable to explore the city on foot, relish in the sophisticated yet intimate vibes, and find surprises around almost every corner.

She then went on to say that living in Paris has helped her observe the Black experience in France and has helped her realize that it is much more subtle and nuanced than it is in The United States.

Monique stated that the culture, history, and current lifestyle of the whole African diaspora is deeply engraved in the fabric and atmosphere of Paris. The city gives off extremely strong African American vibes and proudly tells the stories of Afro-French, Africans, and Black people from all the other parts of the world.

This tour is going to ensure that the audience feels fully entertained and does not feel as though they are simply watching another YouTube video. It is supposed to be a full experience through Paris and is most likely going to feel like a deeply enhanced and much more fun Zoom call or meeting. 

There will also be several opportunities for you to engage with other people on the tour, participate in Q&As, and indulge in multiple opportunities for real-time interactions.

The best part about these tours is that they are still ongoing and are spread throughout several dates that you can decide per your comfort and schedule. To get registered and choose the perfect date for your tour, consult this link.

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Friday, 29 September 2023

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