NYC Comes Up With $25 Million Recovery Program to Support Artists During the Pandemic

New York City has benevolently planned to launch a $25 million program that will provide much-needed funds to artists and people (public workers or others) who work to support the aforementioned artists who, now for a very long time, have been suffering the adverse blows brought about due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artists, performers, and musicians will be paid throughout the city by the City Artist Corps. Anyone who partakes in graffiti murals, standup comedy shows, performances, pop-up shows, or any other community art project will receive the funds.

What Are the Main Advantages of This Campaign?

Other than supporting artists all over the city, this campaign is designed to create jobs for over 1,500 artists in NYC. Another interesting statistic is that over 50,000 of these people who are targeted by this program live in the five boroughs.

Other than helping the artists, providing them with funds, and enhancing their earning opportunities, this will also bring back the light of the New York streets that were slowly getting dimer due to the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Entertainment and art scenes in New York City are famously known worldwide for their brilliance but they couldn't keep standing in their glory due to lockdowns and quarantine. However, this campaign is going to help out a lot. The City Artist Corp has planned to employ artists to promote the comeback of New York City as well.

Moreover, this program is inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt's Federal Art Project, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City.

The campaign is also going to bring stand-up venues, jazz clubs, art galleries, and other art and entertainment venues back to life too :D!

Some Renowned NYC Black Street Artists:

Alexandre Keto

Brazilian self-proclaimed muralist, social activist, and visual artist Alexandre Keto has adorned many sites in New York and Baltimore with his work. One of his most famous works is of a Mother and Child. It symbolizes a selfless mother packing up food while strapping a baby on her back.

Naoufal Alaoui

Also known as Rocko, Naoufal Alaoui is a Moroccan artist who was inspired by eastern and western civilizations in Spain, where he lived. His marks and art are of an Arabic style which stems from his knowledge about Arabic calligraphy that he learned when he was 4.

One of his well-known paintings is of B.I.G., the King of NY. It was created in 2015 by Rocko and Scott Zimmerman in Bed Stuy.


Born in 1962 in NYC, Chris Daze Ellis is a painter and he used to execute his work on subway cars in 1976 while he was studying at The High School of Art and Design. He has proudly taken his work subways to galleries and his work can be seen throughout LA, Baton Rouge, the Bronx, and other cities across the US.

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Friday, 29 September 2023

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