Here’s What Activist and Social Worker Feminista Jones Has to Say About Racial Justice

Feminista Jones is an activist, social worker, and writer. She is very passionate about equality and racial justice and uses her platform to spread her writings based on Black empowerment and Black feminism. She greatly contributes to Black Twitter as well.  

On that note, let's have a look at what she has to say about racial justice.

The Need to Raise Awareness

Feminista, quite agreeably, believes that we, as a community, need to educate ourselves and stay informed about what's going on around us. This includes people's experiences, their stories, and what kind of support they might need.

In today's world that mainly runs on technology and through social media, spreading awareness through our social accounts is the least we can do. If you come across a story or learn from your friends about something that needs attention, share it with your social circle.

Engaging in conversations about issues of racial injustice, how activists are helping, and how you can help is 100% going to benefit the cause and will also educate the people around you.

Find Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated

If you are not surrounded by a friendly and understanding environment, then spreading awareness about racial injustice can become quite difficult. To ensure a comfortable space, follow your passion and integrate your dedication to the cause with it.

Moreover, you can even use your passion and expertise to people dealing with these issues. You just have to look for anyone who might need your help while spreading the word. The more supporters you can engage, the better!

And if you are having trouble finding a group of people who could help you with the work, create one yourself! Contacting your friends and posting about the matter can attract many people interested in contributing to the work. You can use this as a way to help eliminate systemic racism and help the people who are affected by it.

Don't Be Afraid to Call Out Leaders

The first step to notable change is to realize the issue and get on the road to eliminating the issue. And the next step is to contact your leaders as best you can to inform them about the issue and how their help is needed.

If you have recently seen a violent or unfair act of racism take place, it falls upon you to get in touch with the leadership and email the congressional representative or local community leaders.

The politicians that we elect are supposed to take actions that are best for us and represent us; this is why you need to take a step forward and contact the leaders of your community to implement a change. Getting through to them through social media is another great option.

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Wednesday, 01 February 2023

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