Healthy Self-Care Tips from Black People That You Might Need Too!

 Psychotherapist Alanna Gardner says that as Black people, it can be deeply exhausting to get lost in multiple negative emotions such as hopelessness, anger, frustration, and helplessness. It can all be too much to handle sometimes, emotionally.

Participating in the constant battle for equality, maintaining the dedication to fight against racism, and being the ones who have to uplift themselves on their own can be incredibly tiresome for Black people. Luckily, we have gathered some self-care tips from Black people that you can use to find some relief from emotional distress when needed.

Talking to A Black Therapist

Finding a good, compatible therapist is an excellent way to unpack emotions and talk through things. Not only will they be able to understand and relate to your struggles as a Black person but they will also help you find ways to maintain healthy connections with your friends and family.

And in the chaos of the pandemic, you can easily access a certified therapist online too. All you will have to do is research properly to find the right one.

Exercising and Journaling

Both of these activities can truly help a person find peace of mind. While exercising helps you get healthier and releases happy hormones such as serotonin, journaling can help you vent out your thoughts.

And if you're not interested in workouts, you should still move around. Play with your pets for a while, hang out with your loved ones, call a friend, or indulge in a hobby.

Furthermore, the simplest way to exercise without exhausting yourself too much is yoga or meditation. It easily helps you work through feelings of depression and anxiety and regain peace of mind.

Food, Entertainment, And Music

Cooking is yet another very therapeutic experience. You can easily find new recipes online and try them out in the kitchen. You can invite a few friends over too so you can cook together and have a good time!

Other than that, watching videos, shows, reading a book, or jamming out to your favorite songs are also mood-boosting activities. Anything that usually brings you joy, you should do.

Take A Break from Social Media

If you feel like the news and social media are getting rather toxic for you and are disrupting your peace of mind, then it is completely okay for you to take a break from them. Even better, put your whole phone away for the day, just relish in your company, and indulge in some relaxing and fun activities.

Reading Positive Words from Black People

Finding a book or a collection of hopeful quotes from Black people can help you regain hope in the cause that you are fighting for. Even simply reading a few quotes could be good for the soul. You could read them before going to bed, with your morning cup of Joe, or at any other time you like!

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Saturday, 30 September 2023

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