Black Lady Cyclists Create A Unique Community for Black Women

Black Girls Do Bike is a nonprofit organization based in Pennsylvania and is spread throughout the country. It is essentially a safe space for women and lady cyclists to support one another, share advice, organize rides and meet-ups, indulge in skill-sharing, and proudly become a part of a strong community where women of color are passionate about cycling.

Moreover, the organization is also super supportive and welcoming to those women who share a passion for cycling along with wanting to support women and girls of color. 

The founder of Black Girls Do Bike is Monica Garrison who used cycling as a way to manage her mental and physical health. She was on a long hiatus from the activity before she started cycling regularly in 2013. Even as a kid, she saw riding her bike as her first real taste of freedom and adventure, and was one of her favorite activities growing up.

She said that after looking at statistics, it was significantly noticeable that Black people in The United States of America are not as active as other races in the activity. She would like to change that. Garrison also said that the reason behind this is that Black people are more likely to suffer from preventable diseases due to inactivity and poor diet.

The Original Purpose Behind Black Girls Do Bike's Name

There is a common misconception in society that Black girls don't bike, and the name of the organization simply negates the statement and stands as a means of confidence for Black women and girls who are interested in biking and are passionate about the activity.

And while the statement is somewhat true, there are still Black girls who like biking. The organization supports a roaring number of 25,000 members, most of which are proud members of the Black community and are here to show that Black Girls Do Bike.

The stereotype, however, still exists in some people's opinions and mindsets but this organization stands as hope to erase this perception and to show the world that Black girls also take great interest in biking!

Luckily, the rapid increase of biking activities during the Covid-19 pandemic has been a good advantage for these lady bikers to participate in activities with one another and gather more members for the organization too, while they're at it :D!

National Bike Month

The National Bike Month is in May and cycling enthusiasts, especially those who live in bike-friendly locations and cities, are at an advantage as they can freely cycle through the streets and get a sense of freedom from the shackles of quarantine, lockdowns, and the overall adverse effects of the pandemic.

Moreover, the activity also helps reduce feelings of pandemic isolation, and can also stand as a chance for people to indulge in the activity with their friends, family, and other loved ones!

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Friday, 29 September 2023

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