Black and Asian "Thrilling" Boutique Owners Raise $8.5M In A Funding

Recently, the marvelous Black and Asian-owned clothing brand called Thrilling notably raised 8.5 million USD in a Series A funding round. These funds are going to be used to bring more developments and equipment to Thrilling's technology and are going to be put to use in a way that will benefit the key team members.

What Precisely Is Thrilling?

Thrilling is a unique vintage clothing store that sells second-hand clothing along with other brilliant items that are hosted by the brand from several other online stores.

It is owned by 2 marvelous women and their purpose relies on protecting the environment, celebrating diversity, and supporting local and small businesses all around them. Co-founders Shilla Kim-Parker who has graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Business School and Brad Mallow also play vital roles in the foundation of Thrilling.

Kim-Parker also loves vintage clothing and other items of the sort. She cares deeply about social issues and conflicts as well. Their business has been enhanced and has gained a lot more fame and success since last year and they continue to use their platform to share clothing and items from Black-owned vintage stores.

Especially since vintage and secondhand business owners have been recently very worried about their brands due to the lack of support from the tech teams and community around them, Thrilling plays a huge part in making sure that these businesses get the much-needed and much-deserved attention from customers and clients all over the world.

Kim-Parker believes that her business is truly going to help other small business owners who sell clothing and other relevant accessories. Thrilling is used as a platform for her to partner with these businesses and to help them generate more revenue and gain a more successful image.

Her business, Thrilling, sells loads of different items for several glamorous needs for multiple styles and occasions. Every purchase that is made from Thrilling has been and will continue to support small businesses.

Even their social media platforms represent a colorful platform that sells high-quality clothing and products that are amazingly suitable for anyone's vintage desires when it comes to fashion. Loads of celebrities and fans have become a part of this community and this also includes costume designers Mona May and Zerina Akers who is Beyoncé's stylist and is the CEO of/owns Black-Owned Everything.

Not only this but Thrilling makes sure to provide its team a place where they enjoy coming to work and showing up every day and can relish in a place that allows them to express themselves and achieve amazing goals. 

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Wednesday, 01 February 2023

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