100th Anniversary of the ‘Black Wall Street’ Tulsa Race Massacre

 In 1921, precisely 100 years ago, a mob of white people attacked the Greenwood district of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and burned it down. This area was known as Black Wall Street. It was an isolated part of the city that was quite well-off, busy, and lively.

More than 1,200 buildings and homes were destroyed as a result of the violence and killed 100-300 people. Sadly, the power structures in Oklahoma were fully white-dominated which forced the news about the violent massacre to be erased from any official and authentic sources for years.

Luckily, many reporting enterprises such as CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS are talking about the incident on programs, including projects and documentaries about the matter on CNN, National Geographic, The History Channel, and PBS, but better late than never, right? These programs and projects have the goal to show and remind Americans about how racism can go so unchecked.

To find out more about the details on the day the massacre of Black Wall Street took place, consult SoWhatsGood LLC's book; Tulsa's 'Black Wall Street' - 100 years later.

This eBook will allow you to get access to an in-depth look at the flourishing Black Wall Street in the early 1900s and how it came to ruin at the time because of a violent race massacre. 

The Adverse Effects People Faced After the Massacre

1) A Black-owned business based in Greenwood district was one of the finest hotels in the nation before the massacre. After that, there haven't been many Black-owned businesses in that area, there are fewer than 10-12. The most that you may find are small establishments such as a coffee shop, barbershop, or a health clinic.

Black businesses and wealth were truly excelling in 1921 in Tulsa but the violence erased generations of Black wealth and increased the struggles of the Black community in Tulsa.

At that time, the pastor of Historic Vernon AME Church helped the survivors of the incident hide in the church's basement. He said that pastoring a church where the members died and the survivors never saw justice aggravated his spirit and that it's an embarrassment that they never had a district attorney look into the matter and investigate the horrendous crime.

Another example of the very unfortunate but common racist violence at Black Wall Street is that a young Black man was unjustly accused of sexually assaulting a white female elevator operator. And when a large group of Black people appeared in Tulsa to save him from being unfairly executed, a white man tried to snatch a gun from a Black man, and in the struggle, the gun went off. The white mob then used this to their advantage and took it as an excuse to destroy Black Wall Street using ruthless violence.

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